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  • Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
    Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
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  • Duel Decks: Knights vs Dragons
    Duel Decks: Knights vs Dragons
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2018 World Championship Preview

Rich has the lowdown on the 2018 Magic World Championship and Team Series Championship taking place this weekend in Las Vegas!


Guilds of Ravnica Release Notes

The Release Notes include info about the release of a new set, as well as clarifications and rulings involving that set's cards.

Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker Decklists

Revealing the contents of the Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker Decks!


Guilds of Ravnica Packaging, Promos, and More

Blake reveals the packing of Guilds of Ravnica, along with all the promos from the set you can get from your local store.

Vraska, Golgari Queen

Bring digital versions of Magic's best artwork home with quality, high-resolution images uploaded weekly to use as the wallpaper or background for your computer, tablet, or phone.


Guilds of Ravnica

The Card Image Gallery is updated every day with the latest card previews. Guilds of Ravnica releases on October 5, 2018.

Tajic, Legion's Edge

Luis has an exciting Guilds of Ravnica preview card that may give Boros a solid edge against opponents.


Guild to Order, Part 2

Mark's back to cover the four remaining guilds of Guilds of Ravnica and finishes off his story with another card preview!

Thousand-Year Storm

Meghan's Guilds of Ravnica preview card is a storm crackling with untapped potential!


Trostani Discordant

Successful Constructed mechanics require two distinct things to function well, as Melissa explains with her Guilds of Ravnica preview card.