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  • Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
    Premium Deck Series: Graveborn
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    Duel Decks: Knights vs Dragons
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Ravnica Allegiance Update Bulletin

A review of all the Oracle and Comprehensive Rules changes coming with Ravnica Allegiance.


Ravnica Allegiance First Pass for Limited

Marshall shares his insights on how to approach Ravnica Allegiance Limited.

City Talk

Mark talks Ravnica Allegiance design, this time with a closer look at the individual cards themselves.


January Magic Tournament Rules Release Notes

Scott explains updates to the Magic Tournament Rules.

January 21, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement

Announcing an addition to the Modern banned and restricted list.


More City Talk

Mark shares more card-by-card design stories from the creation of Ravnica Allegiance.

Animating Ravnica

Ravnica comes to life in Magic: The Gathering Arena!


Statement Regarding Rei Sato's Disqualification and the MPL

Statement regarding the recent disqualification of Rei Sato and the Magic Pro League.